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Transform Your Smile With Veneers

Jul 04, 2023
Veneers are a versatile cosmetic dentistry treatment that can address a wide variety of flaws like oddly sized or shaped teeth and minor chips and cracks, usually in just two appointments. Take a moment to learn more about it.

If you’re like most people, when you’ve finally made a big decision, such as what your new hairstyle should look like or how that kitchen renovation should turn out, the last thing you want to do is wait.

Nor do you want to wait to do something about that chipped or cracked tooth that stares back at you in the mirror everyday. Think veneers, says our own Scott McPherson, DDS, here at Ballpark Heights Family Dentistry.

Dental crowns vs. veneers

Maybe you’re wondering how dental veneers differ from a much more familiar dental treatment: dental crowns.

Both crowns and veneers are dental prosthetics that can address issues like a chipped or cracked tooth, but it all comes down to the goal of the procedure and the location of the flaw.

Specifically, the overarching goal of a dental crown is to save, restore or shore up a tooth that was damaged or weakened from things like trauma or a deep cavity. 

A crown is also a pivotal part of root canal, dental bridge and implant procedures. In all of these cases, the crown goes over the entire tooth, capping it and strengthening it.

Veneers: A versatile cosmetic tool

In contrast, veneers are an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment option with the express purpose of transforming the appearance of your smile. 

A veneer is a custom-made, color-matched thin layer of porcelain or resin that covers up issues like crowns do, but your dentist places veneers on the front surface of a tooth to address aesthetic flaws.

Your dentist can fix a wide range of problems using veneers, such as:

  • Slightly crooked or overlapping teeth
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Odd-shaped or unevenly sized teeth
  • Minor cracks or chips in tooth enamel

2 appointments away from your best smile

One of the big pluses of veneers is that depending on the type you get, the entire process takes just two appointments. 

At your first visit, Dr. McPherson talks to you about your smile goals, and the team administers a dental exam, teeth cleaning, and X-rays, if needed, to make sure you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

Although there are slight variations depending on the type of veneer you go with, the next step is typically preparing the tooth for treatment. After giving you a local anesthetic, Dr. McPherson thins out or shaves a very thin layer of enamel from your tooth to comfortably accommodate the veneer.

Next, Dr. McPherson takes molds or impressions of the tooth or teeth being treated to make sure the veneer fits properly. These molds are sent to a dental lab, where your custom veneer is made. Dr. McPherson may adhere a temporary veneer in place in the interim. 

During the last step, Dr. McPherson bonds the veneer to your tooth, and voilà, you have that picture-perfect smile you’ve always dreamed about. 

Keep in mind that if you have general dentistry issues like cavities or gum disease, we address those issues prior to starting a cosmetic procedure like veneers.

Amazing looking, and long-lasting

As if getting your best smile quickly wasn’t enough, proper oral hygiene and a little TLC can keep your veneers in great shape for a decade or so. Simply brush and floss everyday with a gentle toothbrush, visit your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings, and button up any bad habits like using your teeth instead of scissors.

If your smile could use an update and you want to know if veneers are right for you, call us today at Ballpark Heights Family Dentistry in the Grand View University area of Des Moines, Iowa, or request an appointment online.

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They even provide oral appliance therapy to treat sleep apnea, as well as emergency dentistry services when the unexpected happens. Contact the office today.